Tanni Pas Dosè

Sparkling Wine

Tanni Pas Dosè

Produced with 100% CHARDONNAY grapes
The first fermentation takes place partly in steel and partly in tonneaux, with the use of selected yeasts. Sparkling wine and bottle aging for 60 months.
Fine and continuous perlage. The scent is broad and enveloping, characterized by intense and brilliant fruity notes, and a marked minerality. On the palate it is excellent, long and persistent, it stands out for its marked freshness and great elegance.

Tasting Notes

Fine and continuous perlage. Full enveloping aroma characterized by intense and brilliant fruity notes reminiscent of pear and ripe peach with pronounced minerality conferred by the terroir. On the palate, excellent length and aromatic persistence highlighted by its freshness and great elegance.

Serving Suggestions

Wonderful throughout the entire meal. Particularly recommended with elaborate and complex dishes. Perfectly paired with boiled meats (bollito misto) and “il gran fritto” Piedmont style. Great because digestion is promoted. Excellent with roast pigeon, pheasant and guinea hen (faraona) as their taste is enhanced and the palate is immediately cleansed.


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Our awards
Our awards

Merano Wine Festival 2020

Tanni Pas Dosè M.C. VSQ

22°Sparkling Wine Festival 2020 - 90/100

Tanni Pas Dosè M.C. VSQ

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friulano, ribolla gialla, malvasia


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