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The Collio is a vast hilly region located at one end of the Friuli Plain, where gentle slopes of vineyards, vast woods, and small villages follow after one another. Recognized as one of the most prestigious regions in Italy and the world for its production of unique, high-quality wines, Collio is a precious gem of a terroir.

the vineyards

Our vineyards are located at the highest point of the Collio Region, in a strategic position that allows us to create wines of the highest quality.

Over the years, we have built a unique relationship with this land, working in symbiosis with the ecosystem that, for millennia, has formed the green lung on the border between Italy and Slovenia. With commitment, passion and dedication every single day, we bring to each of our bottles the subtle balance that distinguishes this delicate environment that we are so careful to preserve.

The entire estate consists of a single body of 38 hectares of land, of which 15 are vineyards, and the remainder is woodland.


Purchased in 2009, with an initial vineyard of only 3 hectares around the winery, the estate was subsequently expanded in 2011 with the purchase of another 5 hectares of vineyards.


In 2018, the company surface area almost doubled with a new purchase, including a second site used for the vinification of the grapes.


The vineyards are set on the highest part of the Collio Region, at a height ranging from 220 to 270 metres above sea level. The vines are grown on terraces with Guyot training systems, and yields not exceeding 40 quintals per hectare, totally without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers, in order to bring to life organic, good, genuine wines.

The territory to which we belong

The winery forms an integral part of a large and varied mosaic of wine tourism in the region, to be discovered in all its wonderful forms. The Collio has always been a crossroads of peoples and cultures, of languages and traditions that over the centuries have left their mark on this magnificent borderland. Nature is still very much the protagonist here, the backdrop to an encounter between man and the natural environment, between vineyarded hills and lush, uncontaminated woods, between lone farmhouses and houses that dot the gentle hills of the Collio, and small hamlets, castles and churches, such as that of San Giorgio that can be seen in the distance. Start your visit to our wonderful land from our winery, where, in addition to a tour of its interior, guided tastings to discover our wines, and the possibility of buying them directly, many activities immersed in nature await you.

The inseparable bond between the land and its vineyards is expressed in the famous French concept of terroir, which sees in the work done in the vineyard as a way to express and exalt the exclusive qualities of a special territory such as ours, made of gentle rolling hills of ponca soil and sky.

Surrounded to the north by the Julian Alps and the Slovenian mountains, and to the south by less than 40 km leading up to the Adriatic Sea, this area has a climatically strategic position. The Bora wind that runs through the Vipava Valley and air currents that cross the Cividale area influence the growth of the vines in this area, guaranteeing cool enough temperatures and low humidity for most of the year. At the same time, the proximity to the sea means that winters are mild, and that the wines are characterized by freshness and flavour.


The Collio hills are made up of soil stratified by rain and limestone deposits, in a process known as flysch. This so-called “ponca” soil is typical of Eastern Friuli, dates from the Eocene Epoch, and is of marine origin, the fruit of slow sedimentation, made up of marl, or calcareous clay, and sandstone, or calcified sand. These particular characteristics of the soil give the grapes unique traits, which are then found in each bottle of Tenuta Stella wine.


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Visiting our estate means indulging in curiosity, entering our world and lighting up all of your senses. Choose to live a unique and special moment with our experiences.

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