Guardians of a fragile but precious ecosystem
A lot of work goes into each and every one of our bottles, always hand in hand with nature, and with great passion.

For years, we have been operating in total respect of nature, in both the vineyard and the winery, preferring manual work over automation, cultivating our vines without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and always according to the strict organic farming regulations to which we adhere. We do not use products of animal origin in the production of our wines, making them also vegan friendly.

Our choices are inspired by a desire to achieve the best quality wines, with utmost respect for nature, for the territory to which we belong, for the biodiversity of the soil, and for the whole environment that surrounds the vineyards. To this end, we have developed and continue to develop a variety of projects, both in the countryside and in the winery.

Our projects for sustainability
Organic certification

Our vineyards have been managed according to the European Regulation 203/2012 of organic farming since 2013 and in 2016 we presented the first vintage of certified organic wines.

CERTIFICATION: The European legislation (Reg. CE 848/18) guarantees the conformity of the productions obtained with the organic method in all stages of the production chain, from the field to the table.

Diversity Ark

It is a nutritional method of plants, done through the foliage, which ensures respect for the environment by reducing fertilizers applied to the soil which results in lower CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, while maintaining the quantity and quality of production.

CERTIFICATION: In the 2022 certification, our vineyards scored 80 points, “good and compatible agriculture that respects and enhances the environment in which it is carried out”, as stated in the technical report for Diversity Ark certification.


È un metodo nutrizionale delle piante, fatto attraverso il fogliame, che assicura il rispetto dell’ambiente mediante la riduzione dei fertilizzanti applicati al suolo che si traduce in minori emissioni di CO2 nell’atmosfera, mantenendo la quantità e la qualità della produzione. CERTIFICAZIONE: Nell’annata 2020 è stata certificata una riduzione delle emissioni pari all’85,16% rispetto a quanto ottenibile se applicata la concimazione tradizionale consigliata dal disciplinare di produzione integrata valido nella regione di Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

Management of water resources

Our vineyards are not equipped with irrigation systems and our water consumption is limited to the minimum necessary for the equipment washing procedures and containers.

Enhancement of wine waste

In a circular manner, every year our by-products deriving from the winemaking processes (stalks, pomace and lees) are redistributed in the vineyard for agronomic purposes as soil improver and fertilizer by the end of autumn.

Projects in progress

We have recently installed solar energy panels on our winery and the energy produced is used to power the entire farm. We are also in the process of replacing our agricultural machinery for the benefit of new models with reduced energy consumption.

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