Tenuta Stella

a gem set in the hills

The inseparable link between the place and the vineyard is expressed by the famous French concept of terroir, which sees the way to express and highlight those that are the exclusive features of the area in the work done in the land.

Tenuta Stella is set in an area dotted with hamlets and isolated houses that dot the rolling hills of Collio since Roman times.

The atmosphere is that of Collio in the province of Gorizia, an extraordinarily suitable area for viticulture because of the climate and the soil types, which makes of this borderland a wonderful habitat that expresses its uniqueness through the wines produced here.

The entire estate consists of a single body of 10 hectares, 5 of which are vineyards and the remaining part of woodland.

The vineyards are grown on terraces with (Guyot systems) at 220-270 meters u.s.l., with yields of no more than 40 quintals per hectare and without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers, according to the organic farming rule.

The nature of marl and friable soil, easily eroded from the weathering, gives unique traits to the grapes grown in the vineyards of Tenuta Stella.

The choice to valorise native grapes, as expression of the territory, of values and ancient traditions, is very important for the estate, and it’s the right way to appreciate their typical characteristics: Friulano, Ribolla and Malvasia.

Every native vine has distinctive characteristics in the morphology of the plant, in form and color of the bunch, and gives the wine it produces precise and typical organoleptic characteristics.

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