Ribolla Gialla Brut

Sparkling Wine

Ribolla Gialla Brut

Produced with 100% RIBOLLA GIALLA grapes
The first fermentation is carried out entirely in steel, with the use of selected yeasts. Sparkling wine and bottle aging for a minimum of 24 months. Sparkling wine with an elegant perlage and fresh and cheerful aromas, reminiscent of the typical fragrance of ribolla. The mineral notes contribute to the olfactory vivacity of this wine. In the mouth it enters fresh and decisive, citrusy, with elegant body and ample sapidity. Brilliant sparkling wine for aperitifs and appetizers, but also excellent to accompany an entire meal.

Tasting Notes

This sparkling wine with an elegant perlage is characterized by fresh and vibrant aromas with fragrances typical of this varietal reminiscent of apple, white peach and hazelnut. Mineral notes contribute to the vivacity of this wine. The impact on the palate in decisively fresh with citrus aromas, elegant body and ample sapidity.

Serving Suggestions

Wonderful “spumante” as an aperitif with tasty antipasti such as grilled prawns and baby squid, vegetable tarts, rolled prosciutto crudo. Excellent to accompany an entire delicate and intriguing meal. A surprise in pairing with Gourmet Pizza.


Ribolla Gialla Brut - 2020

Ribolla Gialla Brut - 2019

Our awards
Our awards

jamessuckling - 89 pt.

Ribolla Gialla Brut 2019

Vitae: Guida Vini 2022

Ribolla Gialla Brut M.C. VSQ

Vitae: Guida Vini 2021

Ribolla Gialla Brut M.C. VSQ

Merano Wine Festival 2020

Ribolla Gialla Brut M.C. VSQ

22°Sparkling Wine Festival 2020 - 93/100

Ribolla Gialla Brut M.C. VSQ

Gilbert&Gaillard: International Challenge 2019

Ribolla Gialla Brut VSQ

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