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Discover firsthand the authenticity of Tenuta Stella

The authenticity of Tenuta Stella

We have chosen to create wines of the highest quality, organically cultivating mainly native vines, exclusively in the Collio area, because it is only here, thanks to the exceptional composition of the terroir, that these vines can grow and give us such unique wines. This is how fascinating and never predictable native wines are born, which excite our customers every time they uncork a Tenuta Stella bottle.

Non sparkling wines

friulano, ribolla gialla, malvasia

Sparkling wines

Champenoise method

The latest awards
our awards

2022 World Wine Award - 92 pt.


2022 World Wine Award - 93 pt.


Gold - 96 pt.


Guida Vini 2022


Guida Vini d'Italia 2022


Vitae: Guida Vini 2022


Merano Wine Festival 2020


The terroir is a determining factor in recognizing Tenuta Stella wines, and that is why we strive to cultivate this severe, arid and rocky land without upsetting the landscape or ecological profile that distinguishes it, intervening only with the utmost respect for the territory.

Cultivators of Life

At Tenuta Stella, the vine is in its natural habitat, with wild herbs and flowers that grow around it, and bees, ladybirds and other insects that protect and enrich it. In this spontaneous, living nature, life grows and produces harmonious fruits that exalt the territory to which they belong. For this reason, we like to define ourselves as “Cultivators of Life”, that is protectors of an ecosystem that maintains a subtle balance we can perceive all around us.


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