Collio DOC

Malvasia DOC Collio

Produced with MALVASIA ISTRIANA grapes
After careful selection of the grapes, the must obtained is left to ferment in steel tanks at a controlled temperature. The transformation of sugar into alcohol is the work of yeasts naturally present on grape skins. The wine is then aged partly in steel and partly in French oak tonneaux for ten months before bottling.
The perfume is characterized by fruity notes, and aromas of dried flowers. In the mouth it is enveloping, fresh, with great balance and drinkability. A wine strongly conditioned by the vintage, able to offer significant surprises.

Tasting Notes

Golden yellow color with brilliant highlights. The aroma is characterized by intense fruity notes of grapefruit and red currant with hints of dried flowers reminiscent of rose and violets. Secondarily it is enriched by notable minerality. On the palate it enters round but above all fresh and equilibrated with great drinkability and persistent sapidity. An elegant wine which will express its potential long into the future.

Serving Suggestions

This important wine has the body of the great reds, with good alcohol content while maintaining adequate freshness. It pairs well with fish dishes, but also with various salami, meats (even red) and with aged cheeses. Particularly good when paired with liver “Venetian style”, “cacciucco” livornese, fois gras and its poorer relative liver mortadella.


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Our awards
Our awards

2022 World Wine Award - 92 pt.

Malvasia Collio DOC - 2020

Vitae: Guida Vini 2022

Malvasia Collio DOC - 2019

4 Fogle - Guida Vini Bio

Malvasia Collio DOC - 2019

2021 World Wine Award - 91 pt.

Malvasia Collio DOC - 2019

Vitae: Guida Vini 2021

Malvasia Collio DOC - 2018

Merano Wine Festival 2020

Malvasia Collio DOC - 2018

Sommelier Wine Awards 2020

Malvasia Collio DOC - 2018

4 Coccinelle

Malvasia Collio DOC - 2017

2019 World Wine Award - 90 pt.

Malvasia Collio DOC - 2017

Gilbert&Gaillard: International Challenge 2019

Malvasia Collio DOC - 2017

2017 World Wine Award - 85 pt.

Malvasia Collio DOC - 2015

Gilbert&Gaillard: International Challenge 2016

Malvasia Collio DOC - 2014

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