James Suckling 2023

It is with great enthusiasm and pleasure that we share with you news that fills us with pride: as many as five of our wines, four of which are native varieties, have achieved excellent results in James Suckling's tastings, and we want to celebrate these significant achievements with you!

In a perfect crescendo of emotions and scores, we present to you the triumphs. Our 2021 Pinot Nero has made its mark by scoring 91 points, a testament to its refinement and complexity.

Following that, the 2021 Ribolla Gialla captured the attention of the most discerning palates, earning itself 92 points, showcasing its distinctive elegance.

The Friulano and Malvasia, two native grape varieties that are particularly dear to us, from the 2021 and 2020 vintages respectively, thrilled us with scores of 93 points each. These scores reflect the passion we put into cultivating and processing our grapes, leading to the creation of wines that tell the story of our land.

And now, we reach the climax of this celebration by presenting our exceptional 2019 Ribolla Gialla Reserve, which received a magnificent score of 94 points.

These results inspire us to pursue our mission of creating authentic wines that tell the story of our land and satisfy the most refined palates with even more passion, offering you unforgettable wine experiences.

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