The Winery

A jewel set among the gentle hills of the Collio

A wonderful landscape

Tenuta Stella is located in Scriò, a hamlet of the Muncipality of Dolegna del Collio, in an extraordinary area for viticulture. It is set on the highest part of the Collio, on a hill that offers spectacular views not only on an amphitheatre of terraced vineyards, but also on the whole of the Friuli Region. Beyond the tops of the rows, all visitors’ eyes are drawn to the horizon, and, on clear days, you can even see the sea from here.
The origins of the name Stella

The winery was named by Sergio Stevanato, its founder, after the family craft glass-blowing workshop in Venice, called Soffieria Stella. The good fortunes of the Stevanato family began with this glass-blowing workshop, and so the winery was baptised Tenuta Stella in its honour.

A family story

It was the late 1940s when Cavalier Giovanni Stevanato, Sergio’s father, decided to open his first craft glass-blowing workshop in Venice, specializing in the production of glass bottles. The strong Venetian tradition of glass-blowing allowed the small company to successfully establish itself and develop its production, so much so that, in 1949, it became the larger company Ompi, now Nuova Ompi.

Our love of Collio wines

Sergio Stevanato, sole proprietor of Nuova Ompi, despite his leading role in the Veneto business scene, had always been passionate about Collio wines, and so decided to found the Tenuta Stella winery as a parallel business. Therefore, in 2009, he bought the first plot of land on the Collio, and began to cultivate native vines, in order to vinify them and achieve excellence in every bottle.

Our philosophy

We are not only wine producers but cultivators of life in this territory of unique native vines, capable of expressing fascinating and never predictable wines that excite you every time you taste them.



We produce wines that are an authentic expression of our splendid territory and its native vines.



We prefer lower yields per hectare over mass production, privileging the quality of our wines over quantity.



We preserve our territory on a daily basis, contributing to the preservation of a delicate and unique ecosystem.


Organic cultivation

Our vines are grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers, according to the strict regulations of organic farming. This is how organic, good and genuine wines are born.


Our Promise

For years, we have been operating in total respect of nature, in both the vineyard and the winery, preferring manual work over automation, without using pesticides on the vines, and not using any products of animal origin in our production. The 2016 harvest was the first to give us wines with an official organic certification, which were then put on the market at the beginning of 2018. The path to sustainable agriculture has only just begun, and we will continue to follow it, convinced and bolstered by the new goals we have set ourselves to achieve.

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You are welcome

Sharing the beauty of this place with you is our greatest pleasure

Visiting our estate means indulging in curiosity, entering our world and lighting up all of your senses. Choose to live a unique and special moment with our experiences.

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