A family passion

And the love for a unique land: the Collio

Sergio Stevanato, born in 1943, founder, president and still at the helm of a prestigious and successful company of Padova with his two sons, had a passion, or rather, a true love: the wines of Collio.

For this reason, he has supported the commitment of this farm to its main activity, directing it to the production of excellent wines without hesitation.

A significant tale

the origins of the "Star"

It was the late 40s when Cav. Giovanni Stevanato decided to open in Venice the first workshop “Soffieria Stella”, specialized in the production of bottles. The strong Venetian tradition in glass processing enabled the small company to establish itself and to develop its production, so much that in 1949  it created the Ompi company, currently New Ompi.

Tenuta Stella is born as a reminder of Soffieria Stella.

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