Pinot Nero

Collio DOC

Pinot Nero Collio DOC

Produced with Pinot Nero grapes harvested in early September.
Few bottles in honor of a great grape variety.
Maceration is carried out in 15 hl wooden vats, without temperature control and by indigenous yeasts.
The wine is then aged in French oak barrels for ten months before bottling.

Tasting Notes

Ruby red color with brilliant highlights. The aroma is characterized by intense fruity notes of red fruits and black cherry, with hints of white pepper and cinnamon and notes of rosehip and withered rose petal. The taste is dominated by red fruits, especially plum, and beautiful freshness. A wine of great elegance.

Serving Suggestions

This pinot noir is perfectly paired with first dishes such as mushrooms risotto and truffle noodles. It goes well with tasty dishes of poultry and feathered game meat, but also with a grilled tuna steak. Perfect with excellent cold cuts such as aged prosciutto crudo, culatello and capocollo.


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